5 endangered animal species

Today's fauna is a victim of the many actions taken by man that jeopardize the survival of its population. This situation can be seen in the case of several animal species whose natural environment is threatened by climate change.

The red panda

Among the endangered species, we can identify the red panda. This animal is found in large numbers in Asian regions such as the Himalayas. It is noted that the panda population is suffering from the growing human presence. In a decade, the human population has doubled in size, resulting in the depletion of bamboo, the main source of food for the red panda.

The blue whale

The blue whale is a highly endangered aquatic animal species. This is a poignant reality, because in the last hundred years, the blue whale population in the world has drastically decreased. Indeed, from 250,000 individuals, there are now 5,000 alive. This remarkable decline is due to frequent fishing and the acidification of the ocean.

The seahorse

In the list of endangered animal species, we discover a second species that is in danger of disappearing soon. This is the seahorse. These fish are found in tropical and temperate waters. They measure about fifteen centimeters and are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The destruction of their natural habitat is the main cause of their disappearance.

The kakapo

This bird is one of the few without the ability to fly. Considered the largest parrot, it has a very convoluted reproductive process and deforestation is putting its life in great danger. In addition to these various factors that limit its chances of survival, the kakapo is also threatened by pest species.

Snowy owl

The snowy owl, like the other species mentioned above, is endangered. This is partly due to climate change, which makes lemmings, rodents that form the main part of the snowy owl's menu, rare.