This Enviable Task of Relocating our Grand!

moving our grand piano with professional moversRelocating a grand?  What are these people talking about?  I could relocate a grand on any casino table from coast to coast!  Haha, no, that is not what we mean.  We are talking about having to relocate our grand piano, when we moved across the country.  Let us share our story about the fun with the logistics involved in that job!

For some reason many people decide to take on the unenviable task of moving their piano on their own, and end up with problems they never thought possible.

For one, a ton of people end up in ER’s, chiropractors offices, doctors, physical therapist, you name it because they severely injure their backs when moving these things.  We did our research, and decided that we did not want to be one of those people!

We moved about 1 year ago, as of November 2015, and we knew that moving our grand piano was going to be a big job.  Moving homes is hard enough, and the last thing we wanted to worry about was the piano, so we decided to find professional piano movers to help us with all of the logistics involved.  We contacted the guy at  A friend told us about his site, so he found us a good mover in our area in no time at all.

Let me start by saying, this was one of the best decision we have ever made!

As mentioned above, moving in general just sucks, and if you have to throw a piano into the mix then forget about it!  This allowed us to focus on all of the other stuff , and ultimately not worry about how our piano was handled.  The company was full insured, and they knew exactly how to go about moving a grand piano.  For us, it would have taken a monumental effort to coordinate that move!

So why are we writing this?  Why are we sharing it with people?  Its easy, because we want to let you know that hiring a team of professional movers to move your piano is the ONLY way to go!

For us, it all started with a simple Google search.  We typed piano movers Appleton Wi and discovered that there were a lot of good moving companies out there that could help us to make this smooth and easy.

If you decide that our advice is bad, and that you will move that piano on your own, take a minute to at least check out the helpful video below.  The last thing you want to see happen is someone getting injured, or damage to the piano.  Perform your due diligence, and make the best decision for you.  For us it was a no brainer, but we realize everyone is different!

Hopefully this was a good post.  Check back in the future for more exciting stories on moving and logistics in general!